The lions den of my soul

is brought through

my hope


I feel gone but also not

in my voices

of delusion


Get out of my face

about your “space” because

its sickening


I love to be who I will be

even if that mind of mine is

always fine


I’ve changed my thoughts to

be like yours

and I see the smoke of Eden in

plain view



get out of  my face about

your “space”


For I am not lost

in my thoughts.


©️Dawson Lehmann

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the church from which I hide

Take my fear and throw


Into the depth of


I think of my

Dear christian—

Broken within his world of

torment and possibility

Crucified while

You and I fear the worst


But we bear the weight of love

over messages—

please hear me

Dear christian,

For your cross is


Break me, take me, but never tempt me.

For your body is what I long.


©️Dawson Lehmann

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my friend.

my only Friend

of similar Characteristics.

Acknowledges me so,

I can feel loved again

motivation in the Purest

form, away from Coordination.

He is my antithesis of observation,

But that’s okay.

i love when He

notices his Strengths,

And his weaknesses, too.

We have grown together,

I hope for the Better.

people come and Go

Like all the similes say.

I hope he stays around,

so we can always be in each other’s Mind.

to be Friends,

It brought me to my

Kindest state.

whether that be longing for Life

or for Family

Away from home—

those Around

don’t Understand.

And maybe neither does he.

But on his flipside

is his Coincidence.

He says “Hey”

I say: “you okay?”

Yes is always the answer.


-to my friend


©Dawson Lehmann


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03/20/17 //

If I changed my mind

for those around

would my body become

whole and

ready for this command?


I should not rhyme with

comedy and such

and my phone should be

silenced, for its sounds

haunt my thoughts.


Does loneliness kill or does

my mind wander in apathy?

Circling questions enrage my


but I fear for

the rocks I throw.

Paper is rough underneath

my pencil’s dreams.

-From, Daws.


©Dawson Lehmann




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the youngest wish of my brother.

My brother once told me that if I whistled at the northern lights

they would take my soul away

I’ve contemplated,

I’m the evening of dark times.

To whistle so loudly that the world would stop to

Hear the sound of soullessness.

Green and blue are cyan to my eyes. No matter the stars

Surrounding the movement of shadows.

Your heart reaches for stars and the sun blocks out the


Even though, after time, it’s

a broken soul surrounded by blue. And the shades of red

affect you.

Dancing in the dark gets old,

For I am weak too.

The green tiles of sun abruptly

Shine. Effortless in pain and numb again.

To your wishes

Of soullessness. And

also mine.


©Dawson Lehmann


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