Day 5- Day 8

A poem a day, for 14 days.

My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way                                                               – Ernest Hemingway


You had my grey sweater on

On top of you trend setter

It was fashionable for us

Two grey shirts

With grey souls

And grey eyes

You were grey.

My heart with fright.


Vintage masterpieces from beneath my eyes

Vintage photographs make the black brighter in the night

Vintage loves go deeper and then they move

New trains roll ahead with broken necklaces trying to keep true


smoky Dreams through a fog of Rain

earthy Smells of moisture and Dew

a Train rolls in the Distance

poking Through vast trees surrounded by Blue

underneath Spring water runs from an unknown Scare

it Hits my nose as birds burst through my Slumber


The house is a frozen demeanor in silence

Movie flashback– vintage filter

An echo of a happy family plays in the background

Ragged curtains– musky aroma

Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas time specialties in the long gone past

Movie flashback– ragged curtains


About dawsoleh

Pre-Vet at University of Lethbridge, hopeful 17-year-old writer, alternative music fanatic, an over thinker at heart. Mayfair, Saskatchewan, Canada
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