do what you want (I want that, too)

  • (of a person’s attitude or behavior) not fitting or appropriate; unseemly
synonyms:  inappropriate, unfitting, unbefitting, unsuitable, unsuited, inapt

Is there any way in which I can be free

of the mind inside my pressured body?

Where patterns of black dots and thank you notes

are spread over my unbecoming table.

So I love my mother

and my father, too.

So I can try to understand how they have subtle cues

of love and misfortune

and unpresent time  for the future, too.

To hide oneself in the valley of one’s eye;

so the log house remains

and my dreams do, too.

There is no way in hell that unaccompanied cellos

can wreck my persona.

Wreck? No — ruin, yes, because to wreck is to ravage

But my —


Can only be drawn upon when I have finally realized:

that rain so high in the sky through your eye

is unfortunately present

Solitary without borders

and my  dreams, too.



©Dawson Lehmann





About dawsoleh

poet. writer. student. hipster. cowboy. friend.
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