suffocation and strong-chested wisdom

Softly lose and leather shoes
     He was never akin to choose
Attraction– a foremost opportunity
     And yet, an uninteresting calamity
Blue jeans and soft leather hues

In his saddest eye, there was not a wretch
     But rather a change of heart, the proudest love fetched
And the brownest eye
     Of which nothing remained high
Rage and confusion in a liquid formed sketch

Slowly becoming more agile
     In the name of removing traces of ever being fragile
Different among the opposite
     Cold imagination revolves into composite
Three o’clock dreams of dopamine as it ages a long while


About dawsoleh

Pre-Vet at University of Lethbridge, hopeful 17-year-old writer, alternative music fanatic, an over thinker at heart. Mayfair, Saskatchewan, Canada
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