My Room

Is she lonely too?

Or is my callousness too broken

for you?

She never brought me through love 

and all of this. Rhyming in dark sunlight 

All alone 

                 and alone 

                                     beside her eyes 
I try to refrain when the door unlocks my room 
but incredulous keys 

reaches through and leaves me again.

All I want is to leave. 

Acting has its own appeal 

and it rings off the tounge like time on the moon.
I don’t mind, your 

shaking lies 

                       and torrential hate.

Rain on my day when friendly fades. 


About dawsoleh

Pre-Vet at University of Lethbridge, hopeful 17-year-old writer, alternative music fanatic, an over thinker at heart. Mayfair, Saskatchewan, Canada
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