pray FOR solitude AND blue

I’m not scared of vitriol 
                                    or the pleasure in my name. 

You pray (for me) in coincidence 

                                     through your father’s religious concerns.

I am gone– so is (she)

insanity of chess pieces. Stolen ashes through 

memories. Can you see my longing 

for fear. My languages (pray) for 

solitude and society. Writing in pen (so I)

can only make artistic mistakes. 

Is that an experience? Or 

irony in simplicity? I write (on) a slant 

                                                                 in blue 


                                                                 (I am blue)–

I’ve coloured my stone bruises, too.


About dawsoleh

Pre-Vet at University of Lethbridge, hopeful 17-year-old writer, alternative music fanatic, an over thinker at heart. Mayfair, Saskatchewan, Canada
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