my friend.

my only Friend

of similar Characteristics.

Acknowledges me so,

I can feel loved again

motivation in the Purest

form, away from Coordination.

He is my antithesis of observation,

But that’s okay.

i love when He

notices his Strengths,

And his weaknesses, too.

We have grown together,

I hope for the Better.

people come and Go

Like all the similes say.

I hope he stays around,

so we can always be in each other’s Mind.

to be Friends,

It brought me to my

Kindest state.

whether that be longing for Life

or for Family

Away from home—

those Around

don’t Understand.

And maybe neither does he.

But on his flipside

is his Coincidence.

He says “Hey”

I say: “you okay?”

Yes is always the answer.


-to my friend


©Dawson Lehmann



About dawsoleh

poet. writer. student. hipster. cowboy. friend.
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